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Our professional asphalt division is staffed and equipped to handle all of your parking lot repair needs. Whether you need an emergency patch to repair a pot hole or a full parking lot remove and replace we are ready to handle it to perfection. We run two full time patch crews and a full time paving crew. Our crews have many years of professional asphalt experience and have an ongoing training course to ensure that you continually get the best product possible.


When it comes to sealcoating, choosing the right contractor can be the difference between a job lasting 1 year versus 5 years. We take pride in the fact that we follow the strictest guidelines for surface preparation, product mixing, application, and sequence ensuring that you will receive the highest quality job possible with no headaches. No detail is missed, we mask all concrete, tapeline all entrances and transitions, and seal off all drains. With over 18 years of experience we have mastered the perfect sealcoat job to give you the best outcome possible every time.


Nothing captures your tenants and their customer’s eye in your parking lot more than the striping and markings. We understand it must be perfect no banana lines, mismatched ends, or paint spills. That is why we use only the best airless line stripers, laser guided for perfectly straight lines every time. We use the same paint that is used by the Washing State DOT for long lasting Lines and markings. Our applicators are the absolute best in the industry and are trained to perfect every detail.