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Asphalt Paving: How Long Does Asphalt Take to Dry After it’s Laid?

Asphalt is a crucial part of any roadway and parking lot project. It is important to know how long it will take for your asphalt surface to dry so that you can plan accordingly.

A few factors will affect the drying time of your asphalt, including the weather and the thickness of the asphalt. Generally, you can expect your asphalt to take anywhere from six to twelve hours to dry completely.

Your asphalt will be dry and ready to use with a little patience. However, it is always best to err on the side of caution and give your asphalt plenty of time to dry before driving or walking on it. If you are in a hurry, there are a few tips that you can follow to help speed up the drying process.

How Does Weather Affect Drying Time?

One of the elements influencing how long it takes for your asphalt to dry is the weather. The weather hugely affects the length of time it takes for asphalt to dry. Laying asphalt on a hot, sunny day will dry much faster than working on a cooler, cloudy day. The temperature of the air and the pavement will both play a role in the drying time. Asphalt laid on a hot day typically takes six to eight hours to dry completely. If you are working on a cooler day, it may take up to twelve hours for your asphalt to dry.

What About Thickness?

The thickness of the asphalt layer you are laying down will also impact how quickly your asphalt dries. A thicker layer of asphalt will require more time to dry than one thinner. If you are laying down a thick layer of asphalt, you can expect it to take eight to ten hours to dry completely. However, if you are working with a thin layer, it may only take six to eight hours to dry.

Can I Speed Up the Drying Time?

If you want your asphalt to dry more quickly, you can do a few things to speed up the curing process. Using a heat lamp with a low heat setting is one of the fastest ways to accelerate the drying process. If you have access to an infrared heater, this can also be used to help speed up the drying time. Fans can also assist in air circulation and promote evaporation.

Another method to speed up your asphalt surface drying process is using a sealer. A sealer will help to create a barrier on the surface of the asphalt that will prevent moisture from seeping in and slowing down the drying process. You can apply a sealer or hire Highway Masters Paving, an asphalt paving expert, to do it for you.

Why Does Asphalt Need To Dry?

Asphalt needs to dry to cure properly. When asphalt is first laid down, it is in a pliable state that can be easily damaged. If you drive or walk on new asphalt before it has had a chance to dry, you can leave tracks or footprints that will be permanent. Asphalt also needs to dry to harden and become strong enough to support the weight of vehicles. If you try to drive on wet asphalt, you risk damaging the surface and causing potholes or cracks.

Your asphalt will be dry and ready to use with a little patience. With a little care, your asphalt will be ready to use before you know it.

Taking Care of Newly Paved Asphalt

It’s important to take care of newly paved asphalt so it will last many years. Here are some tips on how to do that:

1. Avoid driving or parking on your new asphalt for at least 24 hours after installing it. This will give the asphalt time to cure and harden fully.

2. After putting your new asphalt, avoid using harsh cleaning or chemicals on it for at least a week. These products can potentially harm the asphalt’s surface and promote its premature deterioration.

3. If you must drive or park on your new asphalt before 24 hours have passed, be sure to drive gently and with caution. Avoid sudden stops and starts, and do not make sharp turns.

4. Once your new asphalt surface has had time to cure and harden, you can begin using it as you normally would. Don’t engage in drag racing or donuts that might harm the surface.

Following these simple tips can help your new asphalt last for many years.

Hiring a Professional Paving Contractor

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