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Monterey Park Historical Museum

The Monterey Park Historical Museum is one of the city’s most hidden attractions. It is situated at 781 South Orange Avenue (Graves Avenue) in Monterey Park, in the California county of Los Angeles. 

The California Missions are represented by diverse models and city objects on display. One of the people who helped make Monterey Park what it is today runs and takes care of the museum, which is on land that once belonged to one of the city’s founding fathers, Richard Garvey.

Who is Richard Garvey?

Richard Garvey was a rider on the Pony Express. After a short stint with the Pony Express, he joined the United States Military as a postal rider. He traveled through the area that is now known as Monterey Park today. He ultimately made enough money to purchase property in the area. He established Garvey Ranch and constructed Garvey Lake. This area has been transformed into a network of sports parks along Garvey Avenue. He was then referred to as “land wealthy and money poor,” and he made a living by selling land here and there.

He had played an essential role in the city’s development throughout its early years. From 1915 to 1920, when the location was considered a potential site for a sewerage project for the surrounding municipalities, Garvey played a vital role in the city’s speedy incorporation. The generosity of Richard Garvey Jr. resulted in the donation of this land to the city. The house was converted into a museum, and the ranch was turned into a park.

What Can You Find At The Museum?

The museum’s collection serves as a tool for academic study and outreach to the general public. Visitor access to museum exhibitions, educational programs, and other museum activities is available. 

The museum’s ticket sales, memberships, fundraisers, donations, and ticket sales are revenue sources for the museum. The museum uses them to keep it running.

Guests can access the museum Monday through Thursday, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, and Friday, from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Throughout the week, fourth-graders are given a tour of the school. The museum’s whole staff is made up entirely of volunteers.

On Saturdays and Sundays, docent-led tours are offered to the public from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. In each room of the museum, there are docents who are there to help visitors learn about the art.

All of California’s 21 missions may be found in one chamber with a San Gabriel Valley-themed backdrop. In one of the rooms, there are exhibit cases filled with historical clothing and headwear. Tools, utensils, and toys from former eras are kept in a separate house area. There is a monument in this room to Laura Scudder, who moved from New York and became a lawyer before bringing crisp chips in airtight bags to America. More information here.

As a last stop, guests may visit the Maude Kidd Room, named after a former tenant, which has period-appropriate home comforts like a washboard and an old-fashioned washing machine. Of course, those performing research may make use of the library’s volumes in the lobby.

As part of their community service requirements, students from the nearby Mark Keppel High School work as docents at the museum. Non-residents of the city are allowed to become members of the club. As part of your orientation each month, you will be required to provide an approximately two-and-a-half-hour tour of the facility.

Of course, the most rewarding aspect is assisting residents in gaining an awareness of their community’s rich history. As an added benefit, you’ll meet new individuals interested in the same things you are.

Where to Eat and Stay Nearby?

When you spend hours at the museum, you’ll burn a lot of energy, which makes you hungry. There’s nothing to be concerned about. Many neighboring restaurants provide delectable cuisine in a pleasant setting while you and your companions talk about your time at the museum. Good options include Armando’s, Beijing Pie House, Kam Hong Garden, and Nha Hang Nha Trang. These restaurants are located less than one mile from the museum. For seafood lovers, NBC Seafood is a must-try restaurant. It is located just 1.24 miles from the museum.

Visiting the museum will help you learn more about the community and its people. The experience will make you want to explore more of the county. If you’re planning on staying in the neighborhood for an extended period of time, there are many excellent hotels located close to the museum. You can stay at the Lincoln Hotel SureStay Collection by Best Western, which is just less than a mile from the museum. Other hotels include Hilton Los Angeles/San Gabriel, Hilton Garden Inn Los Angeles Montebello, The Hoxton (in Downtown LA), and Hotel Figueroa-Unbound Collection by Hyatt. Next article >>>