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What is Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping is the practice of painting and laying down the tape to create parking lot lines, arrows, numbers, letters, and other markings on parking lots to indicate where vehicles can park safely. 

Parking lot striping aims to keep drivers and pedestrians safe by clearly defining parking areas and driving lanes. It also helps keep traffic flowing smoothly by providing direction and guidance to drivers and providing a sense of organization and order in a parking facility.

Essential Elements of a Properly Striped Parking Lot 

The materials used for parking lot striping are usually either paint or pre-cut tapes, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. Paint is usually more durable but can be harder to apply. Pre-cut tapes are generally easier to install and remove but may not last as long.

The specific types of striping used for parking lot marking vary depending on the type of pavement, local regulations, and other factors. Some common examples include:

• Lines – used to indicate parking stalls and driving lanes

• Arrows – used to direct traffic flow

• Curbs – show where vehicles should not drive or park

• Letters and Numbers – indicate specific parking spaces or areas

• Stop Bars – alert drivers when they need to come to a full stop

• Crosswalks – provide a safe passage for pedestrians

• Island Markings – direct cars around obstacles or medians

ADA Requirements for Parking Lot Striping

Several ADA requirements must be followed when it comes to parking lot striping. These requirements are designed to ensure disabled individuals have access to the same facilities and services as everyone else.

Accessible Parking Spaces

The number of spaces must be at least equal to 2% of the total spaces in a parking facility, with one of these spots designated for use by vans with wheelchair lifts or ramps.

Access Aisles

All accessible parking spaces must be accompanied by an access aisle, which should be 60 inches wide and marked with appropriate signage.

Designated Routes

Walking routes for those with disabilities from their parking space to the building entrance should be indicated with striping or other markings that contrast with the pavement.


All accessible routes should have a maximum grade of 5%. For ramps, the slope should not exceed 8.33%.

Van Spaces

Accessible parking spaces for vans must be at least 96 inches wide and marked with appropriate signage.

Parking lot striping is important to ensure safety and accessibility for drivers, pedestrians, and those with disabilities. Properly done parking lot striping allows everyone to move safely and comfortably within the space. It is essential to follow ADA regulations when striping a parking lot and common design guidelines to ensure an organized and orderly facility. 

The Process of Parking Lot Line Striping

Striping a parking lot can be complex and time-consuming if not done correctly.

The first step is preparation, ensuring the surface is adequately cleaned and prepared for the paint or tape. It includes using a pressure washer or other cleaning tool to remove any dirt, debris, and oil that may be present on the asphalt or concrete.

The next step is applying the paint or tape, which requires careful attention to detail to ensure all parking lot lines are straight and properly aligned.

Finally, a final inspection and cleanup are needed before the job is complete. Ensuring all parking lot lines stripping are visible and properly aligned, as well as removing any tape or paint residue.

The Necessity of Properly Striped Parking Lots

Parking lot striping is essential for creating safe and organized parking lots and keeping pedestrians safe from vehicles. Properly striped parking lots are essential for a variety of reasons.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Parking lot striping is an important task contributing to a parking facility’s overall safety and organization. The primary benefit of parking lot striping is that it keeps people safe. By clearly marking off areas for vehicles to park and drive, pedestrians are less likely to be hit by cars. They contribute to enhanced safety by clearly delineating areas for vehicles to park and drive, improving compliance with local regulations and ADA requirements.

Improved Organization and Customer Satisfaction

A properly striped lot also provides an aesthetic appeal that helps create an organized and professional appearance. Additionally, striping helps ensure that drivers do not park in areas they should not and thus keeps traffic moving safely and efficiently.

Aesthetics of Well-Striped Parking Lots

Regularly maintaining parking lot striping ensures your facility is safe and attractive for years to come. The process requires careful attention to detail, but when done properly can ensure a safe and attractive parking lot for years to come.

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